an interesting round...
  • A couple of years back, my wife and I were in Vegas, and she started this plan (with other family members present) to try to play slots at every casino on the strip during our week+ stay there. I had been playing primarily $25.00 double-deck tables. And while she and family were playing slots, I'd hit any decent blackjack game I could find.

    We were somewhere down the strip, I think at Caesar's but it could have been elsewhere (we were staying at the grand) and the place was stuffed. My wife played slots a few minutes, and we walked thru the place when I mentioned "I haven't hit the BJ tables yet..." So we walked thru the pits and couldn't find any open tables. As we walked through the hi-limit pit, she noticed a table with one player and smirked "There's one that has openings..." (it was a $100 table). Without blinking I headed over before she could say anything and bought in for $1K. Got a pair of 6's against a dealer 5. Split. $200 on the table. My wife is standing beside me and has her hands on my arm (bicep area). Got a 4 or 5 on first six, doubled. $300 hanging. Noticed a "tightness" on my bicep. Got a deuce (or something similar, it was a long time ago) for a total of 12 or 13, not so good but the dealer's supposed to break, right?

    Got a 6 on the second 6 and split again. Got a 5, doubled and got a 10. Not so bad, but now $400 on table. Bicep is _really_ getting a tight feeling. Third 6 got yet another 6 and I split... now have $600 on table. Got a 3 and doubled and got something small. Bicep is beginning to feel numb. Got an A on the fourth 6, doubled again and got a 10 for 17. $800 on table, fingers in right hand now getting numb. Asked wife to "let go that death grip." She responded "you have $800 riding on this one hand, are you crazy?"

    Dealer flipped a 6 over to go with that 5. Damned near lost my right arm. Dealer hit again and got a 2 or 3, then next card was a bust. +800 in one hand. Almost lost right arm. Wife instantly shouted "color up" and we casually left. She said "don't do that again." I said "it was your idea". Made for an interesting conversation... :)

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