A winning stragedy based on counting 5's!!!
  • 5's are the worst card in the deck for the player and when there is a shortage of them the player has a definate advantage!!!

    The 5 count is one of the most simpliest ways to count. When using the 5's count stragedy the counter counts only the number of 5's that have been played realitive to the rest of the deck. If you are playing a single deck game and happen to see all 4 5's come out you have about a 3% advantage.
    Once you see more than 1 have for every 13 cards that have been dealt you have a small advantage. For every 5 that is gone you typically want to add one unit two your bet. 5 are the worst card that are in the deck for you.
    If 3 or 4 5's are gone on the first deal to 4 or 5 people playing you have the advantage and want to bet between 3-4 units. You also want to make some changes to basic stragedy. For instance if you get a 10 now you double down against anycard instead of 9 and less. If you get a 11 you always double down it is continued. Since most places only let you double on 10 and 11 this is written especially for them. If you get 12 or 13 you stand against a 2 if there is a shortage of 5's. If you get 15 or 16 you stand against a 9 or a ten!!!

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