Counters giveback the money when playing other games!!!
  • I would be willing to bet that there are a lot of blackjack counters out there who play other casino games and give their money right back to the casino that they won on the blackjack table. I bet that is why when they back you off of a blackjack game that is why a lot of pit boss will say that you are free to play any other game in the casino.
  • If you are talking about the 95% who are losing, wannabe counters, you are correct.
    If you are talking about the proficient advantage players, you have a bet.

    The good counters might play some poker or some VP. And Wong will play craps. Those that play video poker generally do so at their home casino to get some comps and only play the games that come close to 0 house edge when you figure in the comps.

    A card counter spotted at a 3 card poker table should be holecarding.
    No counter of worth is playing roulette, slots, or carnival games that you can not get an advantage on.l

  • I agree with iHate. I true AP blackjack player plays blackjack and will move on to another house if not permitted to play. No BJ AP is going to through his money down on a game that he does not have the advantage. You may see a few crossing over to poker, but that also is a thinking strategy game, and the ones that do play know the game.
  • I agree with both of the above posts i would never play another game with my BJ bank. IF i played another game it would be craps and only at the hotel im staying at and also with a separate bank.would move to a different casino for BJ rather that play bad games waiting for a table to open.Would think most AP would know this without thinking so learning i'll take that bet too.

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