CSM question from novice card counter
  • Hello Everyone!

    I know CSMs are to be avoided and I generally play shoe games at Foxwoods (0.36 house advantage) and use the Mentor count. However, I will be going on a cruise in Dec. and I have learned that the cruise ship's blackjack games all use CSMs. Looking at the rules, the game will have a house advantage of 0.35.

    Here's my question:
    Is it beneficial to count the current round's displayed cards and due to "latency" rule those out and come up with a count after each round and bet the next hand accordingly? And then repeat this activity once the next round of cards is displayed? I understand that in doing this, the scenario of a high positive count will be very rare - due to wiping the slate clean after every round.

    What are your thoughts? Thanks for any feedback.

    take care,
  • Mike - No, don't bother counting at all. Total waste of time to count that first round. Just go on the cruise with your wife, GF, SO, or whatever.... and have FUN.

    If you do play BJ, just flat bet or play a soft progression (with AB equal to your flat bets) and hope you get lucky.........and have FUN.


    p.s.....Are you sure they are CSM's and not ASM's??......You can play/count the ASM's.
  • grifter,

    Thanks! Nope unfortunately they are CSMs and not auto shufflers.

    take care,
  • It may be that almost all tables are CSM, but higher limits are not. If this is the case, you would be better off to budget your BR and session time(# hands) to fit these games. Figure your session at (2) SD for however many hands that you can affort to play. You will have much shorter sessions, but at least have a better chance. Your average bet will usually run around 2 units. Short of that, flat bet and gain additional experience with Mentor counting at the cheapest table available or take Grifters advice and consider the cruise as a social event.....

    One last comment....What was true yesterday (CSM's), may not be true today. Good luck.........

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