Indiana Casinos..Locations
  • Playing Aztar next week ..first stop. Is there any additional casinos within a reasonable driving distance from Aztar. Flying back out of Louisville and stopping at Caesars. Just wanted to know if there are any additional casinos from Southwest, In area prior to heading to Caesars.

    Thanks, jp
  • Jim- I should have told you this before, but from Caesars toward Cincy there
    are two other Indy casinos. Belterra is just about in the middle (50 miles from Cincy). On up is the Argosy (25 miles from Cincy). This makes for a good 1-2 day trip staring from Louisville or Cincy.

    Aztar, as you more than likely know, is 90 miles from Louisville down the river and from there your options are St. Louis or Ill casinos which are not very close.

    You may want to consider Tunica in the future. Lots of casinos and some good games, but not much further by air. Cheaper rooms are available thru the week. Try Sam's Town...............
  • Thanks Ray, big help...I've been thinking about a Tunica Trip. January probably since Nov/Dec dates already booked. I know a Doctor in St Louis, who damn earn killed me a few years . I should plan a trip there to let him know I'm still thinking about him, in addition to the blackjack of course.

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