Can a Player Demand a "Count Down?"
  • Is this allowed in any situation where a player believes he is being cheated?
    Steve Forte wrote an article in the Bishop's Library concerning cheating at shoe games, and mentioned a player asking for a "Count Down."

    Does a casino have to honor a player's request if the player believes he is being "short shoed", "Anchored" or "Selective Upcard" situation?

    Personally, I don't think they would honor the player's request, but was interested if anyone observed this happening in their blackjack play "ever."


  • jimpenn said:Can a Player Demand a "Count Down?"

    The player can demand anything they want...whether they get it is another story. =(

    You can ask the pit boss for a count down but don't expect them to do you any favors. If they do it for you then they will have to do it for every guy who asks. Before long, all of the ploppies will be demanding recounts every time they have a "cold" shoe.

    If the pit boss agrees, he will take the cards away with him and check them privately. He will not do it at the table and he will not let you watch. Even if there is a problem he will probably tell you "everything is fine" since the bad cards are out of play and have been replaced already.

    On top of that, the pit boss will be upset because you are making him do more work as well as publicly questioning the casino's integrity. He'll also peg you as a card counter right away.

    If you strongly suspect cheating, the best thing to do is to write down as much information about the situations as possible. Write down the casino's name, the date & exact time, dealer's name, table number (if you can), and a good description of the dealer and pit boss/floorman. Then call the state Gaming Commission and make a report. They will ask you your name but you can make an anonymous report if you like. Depending on the state laws the Gaming Commission may be required to give your identity to the casino if they ask, and they ALWAYS ask. The GC will then send an undercover investigator to the casino to check it out (eventually).

    Whatever you do, DON’T bring it to the attention of any casino employee. You don’t want to give them a chance to “misplace” the surveillance footage before the GC can see it.


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