Aztar...Trip Report 10/24-26
  • Arrived in Louisville at noon. Initially was scheduled to stay at Caesars, but changed my mind after being advised of current min's and conditions and received a "Over 55" room special" charge of $37 if you have a Rewards Card at Aztar's. I obtained the rewards card when I arrived prior to checking in and received the discount from $109/night.

    I first went to Caesars upon arrival to Louisville to check out game conditions. I'm not a true AP todate, but will be within next two years. Caesars had a min. of $25 on their 6D games when I was there. $10 on 8D which I refuse to play. Lost $150 within a half hour playing green. Left for the 1 and 1/2 hour drive to Evansville. (Aztar) They had a dozen 6D games with two $5 minimum tables. I played the $5 min. table with a 8/1 spread with no heat what so ever. Won $500 first day ending at 9PM. Second day started playing at 4am in a $10 min 6D. Rules, S17, DAS, DOA, etc. Good rules and pen varied by dealers. Worst was two deck and one out of three dealers cut one deck. Lost two hundred first three hour session and was up at this point up $150. Returned to tables at 11:30 am and played two three hour sessions until 9PM because of early flight out of Louisville. At one point I was talking to the dealer with a full table and she said to me, "Please stop talking to me because I'm trying to count to keep up with you." LOL I was up about $200 at this point. I made a joke about it (Her Counting) and she also thought it was kind of funny. I used the SC while playing and ended up winning $420 for trip less expenses of $300. $150 plus for trip. Purpose of trip was to gain table time and plan longer trip next time playing the Ohio River Casinos. Evansville is kind of "out of the way" because there was no casinos within an hour travel time (except Caesars) that I was aware of. I would of returned to trip I made a month ago to Horseshoe, Resorts and Don Barten's rip-off Majestic Star with their shills and no plugging, but was tapped early at Horseshoe because of greed. More confident when a casino plugs verses dropping cut cards on top of discards. In addition, Aztar has a few shuffling machines, but not continuous shuffling machines. This doesn't bother me. Overall I would return to Aztar, but it's location would make me extend my visit to four days verses two considering travel time. I currently play for the enjoyment and bankroll is not a consideration. I'm retired and enjoy traveling around looking for fair 6D games. I would be interested in hearing about games in and around St. Louis if anyone has played their recently. I'm not used to writing trip reports, and please ask questions if you want to know any specific information I left out. Since I starting using Speed Count I have been winning more often. I understand that it is not as powerful as other systems, but it does give me an indication how the shoe is going. I left every shoe after two decks with a -12 (pivot 31) and probably set a record for using the bathroom. I did make sure a different dealer was at the table each time and tipped a pink prior to leaving. If I had one of two partner's who could count, I know my chances at this casino would improve. Two partners would even be better...I would assume the BP rule hitting various tables on high count. I can wear a $2,000 suit and play the game as well as expected at this point in my game development.

    Take care, JP

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