Eye-balling the count!!!
  • I will admit that this is not the best counting stragedy but it works when playing single or double deck games games most pay 3 to 2 to have a chance to win. I believe this to be the easiest counting system that there is. Eye-balling the count works like this on a single deck game you usually can get 2 rounds out of the cards. The second round has either an advantage or a disadvantage the way you can tell is what has happened in the first around. When you see a lot of small cards come in the first around increase your bet for the second round. When you see a lot of big cards in the first round take a break or bet small in the second round!!!

    This method of card counting is not as acruate as the hi-low count so you don't actually know if it is plus 3 or 4 but you generally have an idea of weather or not the count is positive or negative!!!

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