mistake in Basic Strategy
  • I believe HitorStand had a mistake in the basic strategy. It shows the player making a mistake when he stands on 3-4-Ace vs. 3,4,5,6,
    and that is the correct play.
  • If you have ace-3 you have soft 14 if you have ace-4 you have soft 15 you should always take another card if you have soft 17 or less because you can usually make your hand better and can not make it that much worse. If you have soft 14 or soft 15 you can not make your hand worse because you have no chance of busting and all hands of 16 or less are equilvant!!!
  • Charlie, did you mean when you stand on (3-4-A)=8,18 versus 3,4,5,6? That is the correct play, but I think hit or stand has that right.
  • What I am saying is there is clearly a mistake in the software on the hitorstand.net program. I have been playing this game for many many years and I can assure you that when you have a 3 card 8 or 18 meaning, if you have a 3-4-Ace or 5-2-Ace and you are playing against the dealer 3,4,5,6 you should stand. If you stand in this game they are incorrectly stating that you are incorrect. The correct move is to stand. go into my site www.BlackjackForWinners.com and you will learn the correct basic strategy as well as the way to beat the casinos by counting.
  • This has been discussed many times before. Yes, there is a mistake in the software. If you have a two card soft 18, you double. If you have a three card or more soft 18, doubling is not an option. In that case you stay. I'm guessing they overlooked the three+ card situations.
  • HitorStand should update their software
  • The hit or stand game that tells you to double soft 18 vs a 3,4,5,6 does not take into account fine points of basic stragedy they just give you basic stragedy without considering the composition of your cards just your total and the dealers up card is how the information is based. It is the correct play to double soft 18 vs 3,4,5,6 if you have 3 cards doubling is not allowed so you should stand.

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