One year on the board.
  • Just noticed its been a year since I joined this board.
    I must say I've learned quite a bit since joining and it has really helped in the evolution of my game.
    Thanks to everyone who has helped and or entertained this past year
  • Sorry forgot the count. You joined 11/18/05

    Congradulations Charlie, it has been a pleasure reading and posting with you.


    P.S. In 12 months you made 284 posts. I was surprised that QFIT has been a member for 27 months and only made 65 posts. This surprised me considering his recent post activity. I thought his post count would have been much higher. This tells me sales are down and he's can't take the heat.
    LOL...just kidding QFIT. I supported you by purchasing your software and it has helped me become a better player...for real. I would and have recommended it to new players and will continue too in the future.

    Just chill out and enjoy the day.


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