I always get luckier at Boomtown!!!
  • I have been to many other casinos playing blackjack and always seem to lose money but for some reason at Boomtown I seem to get a lot luckier when playing blackjack!!! Sure sometimes I lose at Boomtown once I lost $300 there. But a lot of times I will win $50-$100 bucks in a hour many times.
  • Learning...great post.
  • jimpenn -- thanks -- its helpful to laugh out loud on a sleepy Monday morning.
  • Are you serious dude? You can win $50 in an hour there?

    Whoa. I am SO there. That is some crazy action. I bet you get backed off lots, though. Do you use disguises or anything to sneak back in?
  • When I have bankroll 60 times higher than my minimum bet of $5 or $300 I tend to do really well with a small bankroll I tend to lose. I don't ever bet over $30 hand and I can jump from $5 to $30 in just one hand. I have been backed down from playing there so you might want to be careful not to play to long. Boomtown has really good rules compared to most casino that only give it a 3rd of the advantage on basic stragedy players compared to other casinos with average rules. In addition to usually winning at Boomtown I have earned comps in the amount of $125 playing at the $5 tables!!! Way more than the $20-40 I have earned in other casinos!

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