3 Things you should never do at a B.J. table!
  • 1. You should never bet more than you can comfortable afford to lose in a single hand. I think that you should feel comfortable losing 4-8 times that amount because you have the ability to split pairs and double down which usually results in a win but it could result in you losing more money in hand.

    2. Never play in place that you don't feel comfortable, its not worth it no matter how much you can make. Besides if you are not comfortabile some where you will have less of a chance to win.

    3. Do not give the people around you a hard time if they make a bad play, even if it costs you your bet. Be friendly to the people around you if they like you they might expose their cards to you on purpose or if you ask them what they have. Most players around you in blackjack want the other players at the table to win so they will usually be honest with you when you ask them what they have. It is not like poker where they will usually lie to you.

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