Basic stragedy plays you should always make!!!
  • I does not matter what the count is you should always make these plays here.

    Hit 12-16 against a 7-8-ACE (except if 16 is two 8's)
    Hit soft 17 or less when doubling is restricted to 10-11 only.
    Stand on 19 or more weather it is soft or hard.
    A believe that you can a lot of other plays if the count is really negative or really positive!!!
  • always split 8's against 8 or less
  • Learning -- It takes only a very modest positive count to make doubling with a soft 19 vs. a 5 or 6 correct, and you should double with a soft 19 vs. 4 slightly more often than you should take Insurance. In fact in "Hit Soft 17" games, doubling A/8 vs. 6 is Basic Strategy!
  • With a soft 19 you will mess up your hand to much to justify another card even if it is with twice the money.
  • Yeah, your word is worth more than Fred Renzey's. Give me a break.

    You start a thread about basic strategy when you don't even KNOW it or know how to SPELL it.

    Good work!
  • Learning, take a look at blackjack appendix 1. The expected value for staying on soft 19 versus a 6 is 0.496. The expected value for doubling on soft 19 versus a 6 is 0.4796! That's only off by 0.02 (meaning when the count is even, you will still be positive, and only lose $0.02 by doubling). You can see that it won't take much in the count to make doubling more profitable.
  • LTC- There are index #'S for doubling A8 against dealer 3,4,5, or 6. Once again, you need to give your post more thought.......

    "It does not matter what the count is".....Well, it does matter what the count is and I am of the opinion that you should avoid these rigid statements that have no value in addition to being flat-out wrong.
  • Also, learning, you are assuming the count isn't insanely high. What if there were ten cards left in the deck and you knew all ten to be 10's. Then I think you would stand with 12, no matter what the dealer had.
  • Why answer this idiot. I truly believe he does not read the posts following his forum comments. Learning, you have the brains of an earth worm. I guarantee he will not answer this comment.

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