Misconception about comps!!
  • There are a lot of misconceptions about comps the first one is the worst you play the better that you will be comp. This is not true for the amount of money that you lose. The truth is the longer that you play and the higher your bet is how the casino determines comps. If you are a good player but still a losing one it will take you longer to lose and you will wager more money. If you have a winning sesion while you are playing the casino will still give you comps on your player card. If you are really bad player that can lose many times your average bet size in a hour you will not be able to play as long for the same amount of money as the really good players. If you don't stay and play as long you will not earn as much money in comps regardless of how much you lose if you are an average size player. If you lose a significant amount for the casino that you are in you might be comped.
  • I'm not sure that casinos don't help you out with comps if you are losing and betting big. I've seen that happen a couple of times -- i.e. when the pit boss is watching a big spender and the big spender has a run of bad luck, the pit boss will often give the big spender some comp. In craps, on the other hand, winning rollers are often comped the most as they attract large groups who begin betting. I was playing craps the other weekend and a guy was rolling for about 45 minutes -- I've never seen such a great roller. The casino was all over him, offering him all kinds of comps.
  • Casinos will take better care of both huge winners and huge losers than their betting patterns will deserve.Casinos will even give "walking money'" if a hi roller loses his shirt.
    They also comp slot players much better than table games.They say a $1 slot player is treated better than the $100 BJ player.
  • The casino knows that in do time a craps player will lose where as a really good blackjack player will win consistinenly. They also no that a craps player can have run of luck that will last briefly say 45 minutes-an hour so to keep the patron gambling they comp him so they can win back their money. On craps the casino is going for the e.v. and the short term results of an hour playing sesion don't matter much too them. Except maybe when it comes to high rollers that can make or break an entire quarter.
  • I dont even worry about comps any more i will play about an hour or 2 if i want a room i tell the pit boss or if i want something to eat. I have never been refused. no matter how much i bet.
  • From the whopping two books I've read on the subject, comps are all about "theos", or theoretical losses. House edge times bet time length of session. So yes, playing longer by using better strategy might help you out.

    However, It hink the pit critters do at least attempt to track actual wins or losses, so those can make a slight difference.

    If you're a big enough whale to get individual attention, then the casino will be scrutinizing you play to get an idea of how much you're worth to them.

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