AC Backcounting Only....
  • When I play blackjack in AC I only play the 6D games at Borgata. I will rabbit from new shoe to new shoe and only place a bet when count is +2. I have never received any heat placing $25/50 bets only in these situations. I don't get to make many plays, but for the past 6 months I have made a little money or broke even after expenses. I would like to hear some opinions from AP's concerning this approach and what actually could the Borgata due to stop me from playing this way? Not once has a dealer shuffled up due to my play probably because the tables are mostly full and I'm sure it would piss off many players at the tables and have come to the conclusion that they could care less about the little action I bring to the tables. In addition, I have never been approached by anyone telling me that I can only bet the table min. I play min tables where mid shoe entry is permitted and a few $25 tables that also permit mid shoe entry. All of the the $25 min tables are not NME and I perfer playing at these because most of the times there is a spot open.
  • jim...
    Was there RSA at Borgata? I've heard both Y/N.
  • Nickels_n_Bullets...No RSA when I was playing in November.
  • Thanks... was there last in Sept. and didn't see any RSA, but a local guy went there in Oct. "and thought" he could since he could split his 7's to 4 hands.

    Sometimes things change.

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