Steps to becoming a great player?
  • I need some advice. I want to learn to play well, and I have patience and time off of school to do so. I just need to know what I should be practicing, reading, and just doing with my time all together. I am pretty good with basic strategy now. I can get to the bonus round on the hit or stand game everytime. I just got done reading a blackjack book. Should I practice a true count through a single deck over and over? Play hit or stand all the time?
  • LOADED question... what book(s) did you read?

    and I'd get some sort of good simulator like CVBJ or 6-7-8 wherein you can change the rules to best fit your local conditions.

    Practice on single deck? My answer is NO. The chances are you'll have to settle for at best 2-deck games. Chances favor a 6-deck game. So I recommend practicing BOTH, to learn the strategy changes needed. Pay attention to "good" rules, like dealer stands soft 17, Late Surrender, and Re-Split Aces. Sometimes you get these perks, and the game is better for the player.

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