Opportunity lost!
  • I am playing with this know it all dealer who likes to take certain players under his wing, tell them how much to bet and have them listen to his less than accurate advice. Thing is he deals fast and knows I play my way and not his.
    On the cut he is so busy giving advice to this high roller he high jacked that he buries a card, somehow putting both red cut cards at the back of the pile, and has inserted it into the shoe,NO CUT CARD.

    So here we go, a shoe with almost 100% penetration or close when he notices that there are just a handful of cards left in the shoe.
    So guess what happens; All the big cards seem to come out right on top and I wong out to the men's. I take my time, talk to a dealer I know on the way back and get back to the table and see a very high discard tray. The dealer notices it, puts his hand in the shoe and yells for the floor and they kill the shoe after the hand. Guess I can not depend on him to that again soon and too bad the shoe could not gone the other way.

  • That is a great example of just how exhilarating and debilitating the game of blackjack can be! Damn variance!

    take care,

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