Blackjack in California...
  • Most of these Casinos offer 6 & 8 Deck Shoes with H17 DAS LS :
    San Manuel
    Valley View

    Soboba has a $15.00 entry BJ Tournament every Wed.
    where you get $80.00 in Matchplay Coupons ($10, 10, 10, 25, 25) for any of the regular BJ tables...

    Complete List :
  • But at some of them the dealer stays on soft 17
    But at some of them they offer surrender
    But at some of them they have single deck games that pay 3/2
    But at some of them they have double deck games
    But at some of them they do not have any 8 deck shoes

  • Thus, you should scout the tables at every casino. No exception.....
  • Hello Ray, why all casinos and tables? For example, in AC I play 6D at Bogata and very rarely 8D anywhere unless that is all they have to offer. I stay at Harrah's when in AC because they room comp me, but I never play. To this day I don't know why they continue to send me room comps because I only give them an hour or (on a three 3 day room comp) so playing their 8D games. I stay there and play 90% at Borgata without using card.

    In short, with the exception of pen, why should I scout 8D tables?

    Thanks, Jim
  • Jim- The games will, at times, be different day to day (esp. wkends) and in many cases in different locations inside a larger casino. I look for less players, pen and rule differences (mostly on higher limits). Just a quick walk-thru.......
  • Though not completely standardized, AC is moreso than Vegas for example. Furthermore; many casinos in Vegas will have very different games in different games in different pits.
    Using the MGM as an example because it is big. If one were to enter from one of the main entrances, street, NYNY, or Trop, they would find the first few pits loaded with 6/5 single deck, poor shoe games and a carnival pit. It is designed that way so that the uneducated player will more likely play one of those games than go further in and explore. But if you went all the way in to just past the cage you would find a pit with a couple of 6/5 games but loaded with tables that offer good shoe games at as little as $10 if they are not busy. One pit further in, you can find higher limits, less crowded tables and a non smoking section if that is your wish.
    With all the signs in the MGM you will not find that says "good pit this way" or "sucker pit to the right".

    Simply, want a decent game, then it takes a little effort.

  • Thanks Guys, I get the message.

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