Banned in 10 minutes from the Biltmore blackjackjack game!
  • I got backed down from playing blackjack for the first time from that place in about 10 minutes sure I was up about $75 but in ten minutes anything can happen. That back down is by far the fastest that I have ever been backed down. Usually the will evaluate your play for at least a half-hour before even thinking about banning you.
  • You were counting out loud, weren't you?
  • I think he was using his digits and got thrown out when the count hit eleven.
  • LTC, I thought you were a dealer?
  • Actually the count went south when I was asked to leave I had a minimum bet out there and got 2 tens and the dealer also got 2 tens to push me.
    Yes, I'm a dealer but I was off work when I got kicked out.
  • LTC

    Perhaps you are not aware that a backoff can come now but is based upon your previous visits to a casino. There is always the possibility that they were observing you and evaluating you on your prior visit there but you left before they made a decision to back you off. Now you return, days, weeks or months later and someone recoginizes you or you use your players card and there is a notation on the screen to either back you off or for the pit to contact someone.

    Often a review of tape is made well after a player has left and sometimes (this has happened to me) you get a backoff by registered mail if they have your address in the system.

  • I have never heard of a backoff by mail. The pit boss told me not to play on his shift and that is how he backed me off. I win more sessions than I lose there but the losing sessions are usually bigger loses than my average win. I still have comp dollars there that I have to spend.
  • The KO book has a good section on cover plays and "opposition betting".

    Essentially, many of your hands are played where the house advantage fluctuates from + or - 0.5%. In fact, in any game worth playing you start off no worse than -0.5% off the top of the shoe.

    The "opposition betting" strategy as a cover play goes like this: when in the opposition range of 0.5% + or -, you make medium-sized bets that vary in a random fashion. Therefore you can make a medium-sized bet right off the top of the shoe, rather than the minimum bet your counting system would call for. The bets made in this opposition range will average out to close to zero. It is only in the extreme + or - situation where it is critical that you bet the minimum (when -) or maximum (when +). I believe this will preserve a good winning expectation while at the same time maintaining your longevity (not getting barred). I have never been barred or backed off.

    In the vast majority of places, the pit boss is the one that will intiate the scrunity that could end up in a backoff. Therefore the only important cover plays are the ones you make while the pb is actually watching you play.

    If the pb is watching closely, try making a max bet off the top of the shoe and let it ride until you lose. You might also try asking the pit boss for advice on playing a hand. Make a dumb error, double on a 12 with a small to medium-sized bet. Learn the cover plays that don't cost you much EV.

    OK, I didn't mean to start a cover play thread, LOL. Hope those suggestions are helpful and appear reasonable to all. So far so good for me.
  • learningtocount said:
    I have never heard of a backoff by mail. The pit boss told me not to play on his shift and that is how he backed me off. I win more sessions than I lose there but the losing sessions are usually bigger loses than my average win. I still have comp dollars there that I have to spend.

    An Indian casino in Southern California backed me off with a very nice letter. Perhaps they reviewed my play after a big win or since this particular casino would be similar to a Vegas locals casino, they did not want to risk a scene that might upset some of their regulars if they backed me off while I was there. They actually asked me to play no more blackjack but included some free play for their machines.

    The evil empire 86d me from not only their casino but tossed me from my room in the early hours of the AM. Months later I got a mailer from them for 3 free nights and a free entry into a slot tournament in a different casino that they own. Being the kind of person that I am, I figured, lets see what happens here. Their marketing programs do not seem to be talking to eachother and perhaps being tossed from one of their properties will have no effect on my going to a different property. Just in case I double book myself into a non evil empire hotel also.
    After a 40 or so minute session of blackjack I am sitting at a VP machine, speaking with a friend when approached by a suit and his security escort. He is explaining that my being tresspassed at casino Uck means all property owned by the Empire. I produce a copy of the invitation sent to me with the term "invited loyal guests" highlighted and hand it to him saying, "I thought this was the corporation's way of saying they were sorry for how badly they treated me." He asks to keep the invite to show it to someone (I told him sure, I have dozens of copies) and asks me to stay where I was till he returned. Minutes later he returned and gave me just the usual backoff, you are welcome to play other games, use hotel facilities etc etc etc speech. So an 86 was reduced to a backoff.
    While I was still in Vegas the empire sent a registered letter to my home reinstating the original 86 and making it clear it means all of their property.
    A smart approach on their part since my showing up and having copies of the invite available probably made them very aware that I might cause them some trouble if they put me on the street again.


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