Blackjack Obit.
  • Blackjack and this board seems to be coming to an end of an era. The final straw in blackjack's obit is hitting soft 17's. Old school posters like Grifter have left the game for poker, leaving us with Learning to Count. BJ21 is another board that's history under the daily control of Al Rodgers...No Class. I can't wait for the second printing of Beyond Counting to be published. They will lucky if they sell 250 books.
  • Jim- I tend to agree...stagnation is here.....

    Consider the following:


    This progression, this hierarchy, seems to be beyond the scope of most members and the important stuff remains available to the very few. Where or what is the value of the greater percentage of post if they don't address these fundamental requirements? How else to develop a winning strategy?
  • Ray, the "Top Three"...(not by mistake) " Volitare once said, "Some truths not meant for all men." Barono Life Time Comps ...give me a break.
  • I would love to post on here more,but there is no reason to.
    Other than LTC posting his inane advice and the occasional newbie asking about martengales or progressions,this site gets next to no posts.Why bother asking a question when there is no one left that is qualified to answer.I notice a lot of former posters logged on to other sites,so maybe its not BJ,but this site that is dying.
  • Good Point.
  • The Webmaster must not be paying (?) a residual for professional information from professional known player's monitoring the board every 8 hours or whenever. Everyone has their hands out in Vegas. When someone goes from a $500 dinner to a free slice of pizza you will save more from the dinner. Things are crazy today, and maybe their attempting to buy the site. The site has value, but it has to be a deal.
  • Jim I will agree that this board has been a bit slow lately but blackjack is alive and well as I see it. As much as I like to read peoples insights in the game and maybe offer a few opinions of my own, I believe that its better to say nothing than to fill up the board with inane nonsense because there's nothing going on. Maybe it will give some of the players more time to practice and play than just talking about it.

    As far as the complaint about hitting soft 17's I don't like it either but its avoidable if you try. Especially since a majority of your play is in A.C.. They don't hit 17's anywhere there. As a matter of fact I just got back yesterday from playing there for a couple of days and had quite a good run. The Borgata which you often speak of has very playable games, and plenty of tables to play them. There were plenty of $10 and $15 tables as well as $25 and up.

    I also will agree the game has changed a bit over the years but so does everything. But as intelligent human beings we must be able to adapt to change. There is so much to learn in the way of advantage play but the fact of the matter is most choose not to push for that extra bit of knowledge because its out of the comfort zone so many have become used too. Thats fine, because with good counting skills and patience you can play a break even to slight edge game over time if you really try. But if you want the edge that most pro's seek you have to apply yourself in a totally different manner. This is not easy money or a get rich quick scheme, its hard work to be able to pull off wins in a seemingly tougher blackjack environment. That is a fact. I wish all who try to play this game at an advantage could do well, but they won't. The bottomline is most play this game for recreation, and in doing so the mindset is set for that. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. But remember the casinos do not think of it as recreation, to them its cut throat business, thats an edge that will always pay a price on the player who just does this for fun. And very importantly you must be honest with yourself as to your true skill level. And most don't even know what there skill level is as they're the only AP's they ever are in contact with except with some conversations over the internet. The truth is most time the average Joe has an inflated image of what his AP skills are which leads to frustration with the actual game. The bottomline is you can only expect to get out of this game what you put into it, even then there is no gaurantees. If you have not pushed yourself to try to learn as many advantage methods of playing the game as you can, than accept losses gracefully and receive wins as gifts.
  • " can play a break even game..." I agree. When you start adding "over time" and "really try" ...As always Bojack, good to hear from you.

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