• I think the best on the internet for teaching a person basic strategy. This is where it all starts for that 55 year old risk taker to learn the game. By far, this is the value of the site. Google is also an undervalued asset in this case. If I owned this site I would give 49% away to the pro's, let them redesign, but keep identical learning game. A site must have a "Michael Jordon" commenting on a post a couple times a week, supported by two more silver tongues who stop by the neighborhood when in town. I'm sure Sanford will show you a good time at Barona. Just give him silent 25% of the site under a six month hand shake...add sponsor hits and send him his check. Actually I don't understand how forums can even afford to stay open for free. Who is paying the bills? Could the casinos be paying their share based on hits?

    Bottom line great site has to be one of the top 5 blackjack forums.

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