Vicksburg MS
  • Since this place is well off the beaten path, many of you might not know about Vicksburg, MS. Ameristar there offers a DD game with all the good rules, 0.19% house advantage, $10 minimum. Their 6-deck game is the same way, 0.40% HA and $5 min. 60% pentration on DD and 75% on the 6D.

    I don't of more favorable playing conditions anywhere. I will be there in just over a week, will let you know how it goes. Been there once and played only 6D back then, I am undefeated in Vicksburg MS LOL. Won $300 off a $200 buy-in in only a couple of hours. OK I got lucky too.
  • Knox, do the stand of s17?
  • They have every favorable rule expect late surrender: DAS, DOA, S17. I won't play anywhere that is H17 unless it is a 2D game.

    RSA I am not sure, hard to get accurate data on that but not a big deal either way.
  • Knox, I consider that a good game. Especially at 6D with at least 75% pen...

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