You can see the whole cards in this game.
  • There is a bug in the game right now that allows you to see the dealer whole card I can see right through his hand and see it. It bugs me because seeing the bottom card makes me wanna play different.
  • I also see the hold card. Sure take the training out of the game.
  • Thanks for letting me know. Sorry about that - it has been fixed.
  • When I posted my orginal message it was true but you can no longer see the whole cards so it is no longer true. Thanks for fixing the bug in the program.
  • As of last night March 3rd, I could still see the hole card. I deal with it by ignoring it, but it is still a problem.
  • Okay...I'm an idiot...I need to check again before I send my messages. As of right now, I can not see the hole card. There is a small problem however. The numbers on the cards are much fainter than they used to be. This is obviously less a problem than seeing the hole card.

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