shytowns playing records last 12 visits
  • these are my last 12 visits in 24 days. +55 dolllars 1st visit +20 2nd " "
    +105 3rd +55 4th -100 5th +20 6th +45 7th even 8 th +130 9th +22.50 10th -150 ouch 11th +50 12th today . my 100 loss and 150 loss on a very personal note. disapointed me greatly, after down about 70 I started chasing and doing to much negitive progresing and broke my rule of quitting after 4 losses. but all in all this is what we have 252 dollars profit in 12 short visits equals 21 one dollar a day for evrey time I play . Now hopefully with me starting my high low career , Much harder to do in real conditions, dealers going tyo fast for me, cant keep up. but only about 1week into high low. any thoughts on my play and any such?

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