Gains by drawing and splitting revisted.
  • In playing blackjack as a business there where these great pages that told me the gains for drawing or standing when I had hard 12-17 with no count. Plus my gains or loses for hitting soft 17 and soft 18 but there was only one problem with that information the rules where the dealer stayed on soft 17 rather than hit it. I was wondering if there was any place I could find a table for gains and loses when the dealer hits soft 17?

    The second page I thought was interesting was the gain by doubling down and splitting pairs but they where for rules that I don't play with they prohibit double after a split and the dealer stays on soft 17 is there any way to figure out the gains for hit soft 17 and double after a split?

    I think that these 2 pages improved my game tremendously but I would like to know the gains for the rules that I play under. If Fred Renzey or any other blackjack authors read this post I hope that you will put a chart similar to the one in the book playing blackjack as a business but will account for these rules.
  • Try the back of "Professional Blackjack"

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