My crazy hand!
  • I put up $40 on the hand a big bet for me and was dealt 6,6 against a dealer 5 I split them and ended up getting another 6 so I split them again on the first hand I got a 9 so I doubled down. On the second hand I drew an 8 so I stayed and on the third hand I got an ace so I doubled down I no had $200 on a round I was only planing on having $40! Lucky for me the dealer ended up busting and I won $200 on that round! I must admit that I was a little nervous. These situations seldom come up but when they do it is so sweet to be able to cash in on them!
  • Why would you double down on 15?
  • I think he meant to say that he drew a 3 to give him a 9 for the total.
  • I got a 3 which gave me a total of 9 on the first hand than I doubled down.
  • Years ago I am dealt 7 straight aces in a shoe game where you can resplit aces to 4 hands. My next card is a 5. So I have four hands, 2,2,2,6. Four hands that together add up to 12 and the dealer busted.

  • I had two 8's against a 7 and I was thinking shit why do I have to only have $5 on this hand. I split the hand and ended up getting an 8 replit and I had three hands of 18,19,18 against the dealer seven the dealer turns over a 3 and hits 10 and instead of being upset that the dealer beat me I was just glad that I only had $5 on the hand my minimum bet and the table minimum. I know that the next time that I make that play is that it is very likely to work to at least get me a push on the hand. In a weird way if I play my hand the best possible way that it can be played and I lose when I have the minimum bet out I feel like I won because I didn't lose one of my bigger bets.
    I find that a lot of players treat a $5 win like a $30 and they don't distinish by how much they win. I grubmble and get mad at my self when I get a $5 win thinking why didn't I bet more and I feel really good about a $30 win. With a $5 loss I feel smart that I was wise enough to only bet $5

    Just a note I have had 2 8's against a 7 many times and the other times they worked well to give me a win on both hands or at least let me win one and lose one.

    If you can handle losing a hand or two when doing the right thing even when doing the right thing tripples your loses for that particular hand and not be to upset when it happens you are ready to be a professional blackjack player. I see players all the time who won't split pairs they are supposed to or double down when they are suppose to because they tell me that they are running bad. They also tend not to hit there stiffs as much as they are supposed to and I start to laugh at them when they complain about running bad. I know that they are running bad because they play like idiots at the blackjack table and don't know how to control their emotions.
  • My craziest one was the time I was playing Pontoon and that the dealer had a ace showing. Playing head on with the dealer, I had a $100 bet on this single hand which had 2,3,3,2,A forming a soft 21. I had this very strong gut feel that the dealer will draw a picture card next. It took me a couple of minutes to decide, then I drew a card. I was right, a Jack came out. He could've gotten a Blackjack if I didn't draw. Pontoon here pays 3 to 2 for hard 21's with 5 cards or more. It was stupid to draw when I already had a soft 21 against an ace, but I had to go with it. Afterall, I didn't gamble just to play. I gambled and played to win.:)
  • My craziest hand by far was at the Americana in Aruba over a dozen years ago. I got to split and resplit probably seven or eight times and doubled down on all hands! (It was a multi deck shoe game and they obviously didn't limit the number of splits.) My initial $10 bet ended up using every chip I had and then some! The dealer had to keep moving the other players' cards just to make room for all of my hands. Players and dealers from the surrounding tables stopped to watch. It turned into quite a spectacle.

    I remember the dealer was showing a fairly strong card, while I ended up with stiffs on all of my hands and felt like pure crap. With my heart beating through my chest, the dealer flipped his hole card to reveal a stiff. He hit at least two, maybe three more times, while I was trying not to pass out. He BUSTED; and as the expression goes, the crowd went wild! This occurred just as my (then) wife walked into the casino. While people were congratulating and slapping me on the back, she simply said something like "that's nice." (Gee, I wonder why we're no longer married!)

    I don't expect to get or even see another crazy hand like that as long as I live. At least I hope not! T-3
  • I hope you do have the opportunity to play another hand so you can talk about it for the next 13 years. What a "rush" it must of been.
  • I was relieving a dealer and he dealt 3 blackjacks to players with an Ace up in a 6 deck shoe game nobody on the table took even money the right play and than the dealer flipped up a blackjack himself for a total of 4 blackjacks on the hand out of possible 7! I think that Renzey qoute of 9 out of 10 blackjack players take even money is wrong. I'm a dealer and think that number is closer to 4 out of 10 when nobody pressures the customer to take even money. The reason why I think so many people make the mistake is that the dealer pressures the players into taking it. Which I think is stupid a lot of a dealers tips come from players who just got blackjack with a 3 to 2 payout a lot of time the bonus payout becomes the dealers tips. My comment to players when they don't take even money and I happen not to have a blackjack is that you don't want no stinking even money you want to get paid time and half! If I do have the blackjack I don't say anything quickly push their hand and move on!
  • I almost forgot; here's one more crazy hand I received in Tunica one morning. It was your typical multideck shoe game, but it also had a $1 sucker side bet for getting one or more 7's . If I recall correctly, receiving any 7 resulted in a $5 win; two 7's got you $50, and three 7's netted $500. Of course, the odds had to be abysmal, and losing an extra $1 on the majority of hands could add up very quickly. Nonetheless, many of the players were betting the extra dollar and I saw more than a few $50 payouts. Of course, I was way too smart for that. Yep, you can probably guess what's coming. I was dealt two 7's, hit, and got a third 7. I didn't even realize they were of the same suit until I was informed that the hand was worth not $500, but $5,000! Or at least it would have been worth $5,000 had I made that dollar bet. The dealer said he had never seen three 7's of the same suit before, while the other players were all screaming something along the lines of, "You mean you didn't bet one little dollar in order to make $5,000? What's the matter with you – are you stupid or something?" Yeah, like they were all psychics or something!

    Normally, once a hand is over, it's forgotten. In fact, most of the time, I can't even tell you what total the dealer had or what I had. It's best not to dwell on the would-have, could-have, and should-haves. I also try not to pay any attention to the nonsensical banter that's so freely dispensed by so many "amateurs" when they notice what would have transpired if only another player had hit, or stood, or done something differently. However, after missing out on that $5,000 for a $1 non-bet, I was pretty much devastated for the remainder of the day.

    That was 10 years ago, and I'm almost over it! I've found the best solution to keep such a horrible thing from happening again is to avoid playing where such side bets are offered! :-) Vegas T-2

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