US Patent Office in regard to the CSM disclosure
  • Device and method for continuously shuffling and monitoring cards

    ..., A method of performing a security check on an automatic card handling device that performs a card handling process comprising:
    providing cards in an initial card count ...,
  • Pretty cool! Here's the patent number for a few more common styles:

    More detailed version of above: 6588751
    The El Cortez style auto shuffler: 7036818
    Three Card Poker version: 7059602
    Ferris Wheel style (very popular): 6889979
    Chute style: 5584483

    Find out which version your local casino has then look it up!

  • Alex- The major selling point of this device is the casino security warm fuzzy. And why not, the casinos will buy anything that makes them feel secure.

    If "Slick Rick" wanted to add a few extra 10'S to the pack, he would know to remove an equal number of baby cards. Thus, like a cold-deck artist, the total number of cards in play does not change and there is no security benefit.

    With the exception of the micro-processor, the card transport mechanisms and collation techniques have been around from the time of national census and social security number implementation. Not a big deal because some studies refute the idea that CSM'S increase casino profits.

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