Key Count
  • Would appreciate hearing from anyone who can help me determine the Key Count for a 7 Deck shoe. Thanks.....
  • 3Putt -- If you're talking about KO, your IRC would be -24 and your one standard key count would be -5. That (-5 R/C) would render a true count of +1.4 at the mid-shoe point, which is a good T/C to either wong in or begin ramping up your bets.

    Note however, that a single fixed key count for KO produces a higher true count early in the shoe and a lower true count late. So if you want to implement your two and three unit bets more efficiently, you'd "fudge" your key count to -9 early and -2 late (while using -5 at mid-shoe). That'll provide pretty close to a +1.4 true count at all shoe depths (with 7 a deck shoe).
  • Thanks for the reply and explanation. As a newcomer to this activity it gets a bit confusing at times. Especially for a "senior citizen".....
    Thanks again.

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