Once again
  • Well its been one hell of a year. My team has been so up and down I think I've aged 10 years in the past 6 months. But I'm happy to report we are back in the money again. Thanks to a friend of mine who has helped my team immensely, we have got our bankroll up to $90,000. Thats up $60,000 in just about 4 months. I still bartend part time eventhough things are kick ass right now, I've learned how fleeting success can be sometimes. I will say though, getting more particular with game selection has helped a lot. That and just maturing into a real player. Its funny I still love Vegas, and they do have good games there, but there are some that are off the chart good in other places that most people wouldn't take the effort to go to. Small changes like that and a little fine tuning in our game has turned it around for us these past few months. Not much else to say other than, this is definitly not what I expected when I started this, its a lot harder than I first thought. But in a way its even better because I feel its a test of character that I have so far passed.

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