Ploppies that increase your E.V.
  • I have played with people who like to double for less I especially love this player if they will let me piggy back on them and go partners with them. I really feel that they help me win more when they do this. I know that Renzey would agree with me. Sometimes when I do this the dealers give me **** about it. Just once I would like to hear that my chips where lucky and helped out the person to win the hand. I know that they aren't but I want the person who let me fill in there double feel good about what they did. What should you say when you fill in somebody else double they end up losing and the dealer makes the comment that you cursed the cards?

    Me I try to downplay it and I say don't say that you are bringing a negative attitude toward the table. I say that a positive attitude is essential to winning and I really do believe that. That way I'm thinking I have a 16 vs a 7 my attitude is this I'm going to draw a 4 or 5 and win the hand. If you think a 16 vs a 7 oh shoot I'm going to draw a 10 and lose than you start losing more often because you will tend to make more mistakes.
  • Your first paragraph sounded fine, and quite a few of us do that when the opportunity arises.

    Your second paragraph left me feeling nauseated, however...
  • I've been doing this for several years now,ever since I first read about it in Mr Renzeys book. I've never had a dealer tell me I cursed the cards.And if I did,I'd have an on the spot discussion with his boss about keeping his dealers leashed.

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