The BIG hand from last night
  • I never got a hand like this one for years.
    Playing last night in Vegas in a two decks game, S17, DAS, 66% pen. Have been doing great the entire weekend being up about a little over 2K. While playing, I was making plans to leave Vegas around 9:00PM when the traffic get lighter and drive back to CA. Betting in green, and at that point I’ve reached the 6th step into my progression while the count was real positive too. Had $250 bet on the table and received 7,7 while the dealer shows a 6.

    Split 7s for another $250. Get a deuce on the first and double for another $250. Get a big picture card on that one. Get a 7 on my second hand and respilt it again. Get an ACE on one of them and double for another $250. Get another T on that one. On the third 7, believe it or not, I get another 7 and resplit again. Get a 4 and double down for another $250. Get an 8 for that double. On the last 7 an Ace come on top and obviously I’m doubling again for another $250. Get another Ace for that one. Now I have $500 on each of the four hands for a total of $2000 with a lot of sevens and Aces out.

    Now, I’m thinking, The count is still high in tens but If I’m going to lose this I will be even for the entire trip. I will be pissed, but on the other hand I’ve made the correct plays. So, I’m waiting for the dealer to play his 6. I even told the dealer: “Go ahead and play your 6! ..,”

    He flips his cards and had an ACE in the hole for a soft 17. He’s got to stay and pay me $2000. What a great feeling when those things works but still amazing of how many 7s and Aces have come out in such a combination that made my day.

    Just want to share this with you.
  • Congrats, Alex. Those hands don't strike very often. Good for you that you had the balls (and brains) to play it correctly. A lot of folks would not have done the right thing (and would have cost themselves big $ in the process).
  • Congrats Alex!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Way to go!
  • Which casino did you make that play in Alex?
  • Fantastic!! (My luck in that situation usually ends when the dealer draws to 20 or 21.)
  • :!: Accumulate :!:

    Money management often makes the difference between a player ending up a winner or loser. Now, the Bankroll should be sufficient in number of units to withstand the fluctuations. I’m using the following bank: 500 units total. When I start playing my session bank is 50 units. If I steadily lose 40 units then I definitely change tables. If I lose 10 out of 15 hands I change table too. If I lose 4 or 5 in a row I change table again.
    Why, should one change tables after a steady 40 units loss? Well, even if you lose little by little, losing couple hands then winning one or two then losing again while the trend is clear going down. You obviously are facing a composition of the deck where you are getting lots of stifts with cards in a 10 & low, there will be no way to break the pattern. You have to change tables else all your money will be lost.

    With 50 units session bank I found out that most of the time you can weather almost any storm and come out ahead. Playing BJ seriously should be the goal of every player. You should play to win money and not just to make the correct plays and hope in the long run you will eventually win some. That math thinking is fine and great in a lab clean environment but you should be focusing on making money NOW. Period.

    Two simple rules will definitely put you on the winning path.
    :arrow: First, “loss limit” is that a player should never lose more then table bank. If you never reach in your pocket after losing your table bank then you will never be a big loser. There may not be any difference mathematically between one table and another one but experience have told me that when a table goes bad it remain that way for longer periods of time. There is no point to hope the cards will change. Why lose more?
    :arrow: Second, most of the time you will be a winner at the table, but you must know how to handle the wins just as you must handle the losses. The first goal should be to “double” the table bank. If your table bank is 50 units you should endeavor to turn these into 100. When you arrive at your goal it would be wise to leave the table as soon as you start losing couple bets. Hitting and running in this manner means survival. Not always is possible to win that much, most of the time the wins will be smaller. Therefore, the NEXT GOAL is to leave the table a winner :wink: . To do this, a player should be content with smaller wins which add up rapidly. Eventually you will find yourself playing solely with chips coming from previous winnings. That’s the ideal situation. Assuming you get ahead by 20 units, immediately you should make plans to bank the money. Put aside some chips and if you start going down, leave! Take with you what you can. Continue playing as long as you keep winning but put aside some chips that will guarantee you to be a winner.
    Don’t bet big unless you won big before. Don’t bet big because the count is big and expect to win. Only bet big if you won big and the deck favors you. Hit and run in small steps if you have to, but make sure you take some chips with you every time. Accumulate!

    I just got lucky the other night because I was into the 6th step in my progression with a $250 bet out from my previous winnings while the count was positive too, but this is not always like that. I played two days for about 16 hours in green action games and accumulated a little over 2K. Honestly, I made the 2K probably in 10 or more small sessions of $200 each or less per session. Small steps over the course of two days at many tables, that was my basic play.
  • Had the same type of experience.
    I usually start with a small bank and aim to double it.
    If tables are good, I usually walk away with $300 to $500 in winnings per night. And here's the kicker, I usually don't have a bankroll exceeding $150 :P
  • Alex: That's one for the books. :) I have read your posts with great interest and I tried your system on the internet 'practice mode' and it worked out fine. I then tried it live in a casino and very quickly got clipped for about 100 units without much sign of success. :oops: As you may know this can have a confidence effect. When I was lucky enough to get to say the 6th level, (while trying to recover previous losses), I would inevitably lose the next bunch of hands and continue losing even when I change tables. (which was frequently). You mention that your total bank is 500 units, I was wondering what types of negative swings you see before you typically see a positive recovery? I would appreciate any comments. :?: Thanks for the great posts. :)

  • Congratulations!! Those hands are really fun to win and very exciting if you can pull it off. You played it right and it worked out - awesome.

    I had similar big hand...but it was a $200 hand with 3 splits and 2 doubles. I didn't win every hand..but it was a nice payoff. I suppose in those situations, it is nice to have the bankroll.

    On a side note...this is one example of where a negative progression can go very badly, which I have seen happen. The player keeps losing and keeps re-doubling...and when their negative progression reaches a bunch of losses...and they finally get this type of hand...they don't have enough to make the right play or they are scared of losing the money on a big hand.


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