Vote for moderator #2.
  • And finally, we elect the second moderator. By the way, I can't just pick the top two from the first poll is because doing so could lead to untrue results. e.g. If all the people who voted for Grifter would have voted for Michigan Dave as their #2.

    This election will run for 3 days.
  • Congratulations midnite. You are moderator #2.

  • Congratulations to Midnite and Grifter, who says two old fogies can't be reborn and resestablish themselves to positions of lofty power and wealth. 8)
  • LOL. Thanks Doc and if you ever need anything, just let me know........and I will tell you how to get along without it. :wink:
  • Neil, you said it'd be open for 3 days and it hasn't even been 2 yet...

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