Second chance for insurance
  • I joined the board to share this story. The forum said 'funny stories'. This falls more into embarrassing, then funny.

    Here is the set up to my story...
    I was in Vegas. It was the morning that I was leaving. I was at a table playing and talking with a very nice male dealer. I lost a few dollars and left the table. I came back a little while later, with $20. It was going to be my last bet before I left for the airport. Not that the dealer knew that.

    Anyway, I laid down just my $20 and even said I wanted to play the money. There was one other player at the table. The dealer dealt the cards and dealt himself an ace. He called for insurance. Both myself and the other player passed on insurance.

    The dealer looked at his down card and said, "Second chance on insurance."
    Both me and and other DUMMY sitting at the table, both passed on our SECOND CHANCE for insurance.

    Even telling this story makes me feel embarssed. That was my last bet of that trip.

    Oh, in case you didn't figure it out, he had 21.

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