The dealer from heaven!!
  • I should start by saying that where I play the dealers check for a blackjack by sticking the corners of the cards into a scanner.

    One time on a Sunday I had $40 out there; not my max bet, but close to it. Dealer has ace up. The count indicated I should take insurance, so I did. Green light on the scanner, so there goes my insurance bet. We play the round, she flips over her hole card -- she has BJ! (The scanner failed to detect it, happens sometimes.) Well, I was stunned. Floor guy comes over, they give back the bets to people who had split or doubled. I'm looking at a loss, but the dealer nods toward me saying that I had insurance. I never would have remembered that on my own, at least not in time! She saved me $60 right there.

    Well, that was her last hand before going on break, so I didn't even get to thank her. But I did track her down the following Saturday. Didn't play at her table, but did tip her $5 and thanked her for saving me a bunch of money.

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