If you are playing at a Microgaming Casino that has instant payment, then here is wha
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    If you are playing at a Microgaming Casino that has instant payment, then here is what to do. (you must have made a deposit via Neteller and/or have Neteller as your preference for payment)
    You cash out and get the transaction number, then go to main lobby, click on banking, it will bring you back and show reverse- but, click on instant withdrawal, and follow the info it shows (you want neteller, acct, etc), then click finish and wait for it to process. Then it is instantly there in neteller for you to use.
    The minimum is $250 and the max is $2500 for instant, and the balance will follow into neteller the next day.
    I do it every day as I cash out.
    Good Luck to you.

    I play on a $50 deposit only.
    I play mostly Multi-Line slots, with feature bonus's and/or spins. (favorites are: Loaded,Moonshine, and Cashanova).
    I will use Loaded as an example:
    I play 2 c (cents) per line, and play 3 coins per line for a total of 150 coins per spin.
    I go into expert and change it to 100 spins, then hit save and return to the game.
    I play 5 spins, just to see how the game is working on my computer, then when it finishes I hit auto, and go into my 100 spins.
    Usually before I get to 25 spins done i have git the bonus spin feature, and I always take the 24 spins because i win more in that one that the pther 2 choices.
    Just last night i was in the spins, had 19 spins to go and hit 24000 coins for $480, and still was spinning. This 24 spins ended up with $1123 so I went to cash out and cashed out $1000, and I am still playing on the balance..Yes, I will cash out another $500 before tonight is over..
    Keep playing until you start cashing out, and usually it won't be long before you do cash out.

    I play the same way on all of the machines that show coins instead of $ amounts.
    I will do the next one on playing the slots where you see dollar and cents instead of coins.

    You do not need to be a high roller to cash out, meaning wait for a single win of $5000 or so........no way, because i can have 10 or 15 $100 cashouts and still have that money ....
    A big win (to me) is like a bonus...Surprise me!!!
    (and it usually does)
    Good Luck and try this, it may help you get more play for your dollar.


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