Poor play by others
  • It's been awhile since I've visited the group. Just got back from a cruise where the casino was run by Caesar's. To be able to play BJ almost every night was a dream. Just wanted to make an ovservation.

    Renzey's book has nicely illustrates that your odds of winning or losing are not really affected by the poor play of other players.

    But it's still awfully tough to sit there when someone makes a bonehead play and you lose because of it. Obviously we seem to remember the losses so much more clearly than the times where the "wrong" play is made and we still win. Why is that??

    It occurred to me that it's exactly what my (consevative) financial advisor has been telling me for years. The pain of losing money is much greater than the joy of gaining it. Not an earthshattering observation -- but definitely true for a lot people.
  • Bad players will not always determine the outcome of you winning or losing, but bad players are bound to hurt your overall chances in the long run. Inexperienced players, doing the wrong things at the wrong times, with no clue as to why they are doing them, tend to make it very hard to concentrate on your main objective-winning. Be very greedy when it comes to your money. Don't let the decisions of the other players at the table dictate how you win or lose your hands.
  • Hi There :wink:

    Now that I've learned bs, I've given up for the moment playing on the net to concentrate by br for playing at my local casino here in Glasgow and have came quickly to the conclusion that few people know bs and stare :shock: in disblief :roll: at the way some people play even some of the black chip players, and now know that my time and money was well spent learning bs and reading some good books info on the net to gen up in it, for what I see some people just do not have a clue :? also I see ( I know this was mentioned in another post ) that a lot of people play 2/3 hands at a time ( still badly :o ) out of interest does any one else here come from Scotland :?:


  • Hi Colin,

    I totally agree...it is amazing how people take away a huge factor for evening the odds ( to some degree ) by simply not learning basic strategy. I even have asked some players if they play B.S. and they look at my like :?: :? I t really does boggle the mind at how clueless some of these players are. My first advise to anyone new is to master the basics and then practice until there is no hessitation. Not only does it take the confussion out of blackjack, but it gives you the opportunity to rip on those who don't use it...and really mean it :wink:
  • Hi All-
    Just the other night this guy has a huge stack of green chips in front of him. He's betting two greens and doubles down 12 vs the dealers' 9. Next hand, still playing green chips he splits his tens and turns one winning hand into two losing hands. I came back to the table awhile later and his green chips were gone and he had some red chips in front of him. Seemed like a nice guy but he didn't have a blackjack clue.
    Hi Colin-my mother was born in Paisley,near Glasgow.
    Best of luck to all.

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