Is Ken Uston's BS wrong?
  • I've just started reading Uston's _Million Dollar Blackjack_, and I don't understand his version of Basic Strategy. On Table 3-2, page 29, he provides a BS quiz, with answers on the next page. He assumes you're playing Las Vegas Strip single-deck. Here are some of his answers that I disagree with. My answers are in brackets (S=Stand, P=Split):

    You | Dealer | Action
    22 | 2 | H [P]
    A8 | 6 | D [S]
    77 | 10 | S [H]
    65 | A | D [H]
    99 | 7 | S [P]
    A3 | 3 | H [D]
    54 | 2 | D [H]
    44 | 6 | D [H]

    Is Uston right? I find it hard to believe one should stand hard 14 against a dealer's 10! (I realize the book is >20 years old, but BS isn't any different now, is it?)

  • Uston's book is rather old, and is displaying 1 deck with NO Double After Split. (noDAS). Its correct for that version of 21.

  • I have never even seen a single deck game with DAS (and I'm old) :wink: .........Yes, Kenny's answers are correct.
  • Benny would occasionally offer this one for $5.

    1 deck D10/11 S17 DAS noSoft DD -0.13% PA

    I saw this one at Ceasers $25 1 deck D9/10/11 H17 DAS no Soft DD.

    Both from the early 80's and midweek mornings. Door busters more or less.

  • Well, Nickels,.........They say the second thing to go is your memory :wink: Yep, I was playing Benny's and the Nugget then so I probably saw 'em........Grif'
  • Those two were some of the 1st few entries in the journal, otherwise I'd have forgotten them too. ;o)


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