Seneca Casino Niagara Falls Install's CSM's
  • Trip Report - Recently returned from Seneca Niagara Casino. (last visit April, 2007) Comp'd two night stays during week. ($300 value) During last visit there were no CSM's. Today there are only two eight deck tables in each of two pits that shuffle. In addition penetration lousier, minimum tables increased to $10. They do deal a good game in high roller room. Six deck, $100 minimum with good rules and penetration. Played two 4 four hour sessions each day at eight deck minimum $25 table losing four hundred for the trip. I'm a casual player playing four times a year at this casino. Staff/dealers rude in addition too poppies with big mouths at every table. I use a simple quick count system and do not consider myself an AP. I wonged out every chance I had the opportunity. If I didn't know any better I believe they remove a half dozen high cards from tables. 16 hours of playing time gained me $38 in credits. Pissed me off. I would have lost an additional $900 if not for a lucky play at the roulettte table. I have never played this game in my life. After losing $500 in one blackjack session I was going to my room to catch a nap but stopped by to observe game and had one green in my pocket. I was looking at the available numbers and chose to play 17. Remarkable event in my life because I screwed my high school math teacher. Yes, bingo - the wheel stopped at 17. This was the first time and last that I will ever play the game again. It was quite a rush. I will cherish it forever. I had no idea of odds, etc. All I saw was plenty of foreign players placing multiple bets all over table and then receiving one purple and four blacks. By the way, I am a long time member who recently changed service provider. That's it for me at the "Falls." West Virginia opening blackjack tables in late November or early December. Piss on the scalpers because Wheeling is a half hour drive from home. I have been a 5 year member of HitorStand but recently changed service provider. Read site daily hoping to read posts from Grifter. "Class Act" and hoping his poker continues to improve and takes plenty from the stupid buckeye regulars. When I first joined HitorStand he went out of his way to help me understand and enjoy the game. There are many great guys (members) who have helped me the last five years and sure would like to negotiate a deal for a link from webmaster to a blackjack site I would like to create with the start of blackjack in West Virginia and Pennsylvania within three years. I'm a professional marketing guy extremely confident I could contribute many daily hits to site. Thanks again to all and please feel free to contact me if in need of any help or information in PA and WV. I was once an aide to John Heinz and know the people of value within the Keystone State. Good luck guys and hoping former regular posters return and make this again the best online blackjack daily destination. I truly believe, with this site's practice game it will once again attain it's past history of the greatest blackjack players of or time visiting daily.

    Continued good luck. -jp

    Best, jp

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