Getting ready for another trip to Sin City
  • My wife and I just stumbled on to this web page a couple of weeks ago, and we are using the heck out of it in preparation for our annual trip to Vegas. It provides a lot of excellent info., and the game is a super review of Basic Strategy. We haven't committed to counting, yet.

    Wish us luck. We leave Sunday, and by the following Thursday we should own the Mirage :wink: - our favorite place to stay.
  • Good Luck - be sure to give us a trip report :)) !!

    bytheway Have you been there before during the 4th Holidays? Sounds like a lot of fun.
  • Good luck, but leave some money for the rest of us! I'll be going to Vegas the following week.
  • Ace$Qn,
    Do you spend all your time at the Mirage? What was your playing experience before? Did they have decent games? I'll be in Vegas next month for four days and plan to scout out several places including downtown. I had a good session at Mandalay Bay last year. (How did you come up with that user name?)
  • We had a terrific time in Vegas (Sunday thru Thurs). First night - we ate a fine meal at the new Mirage Buffet "Cravings". It was good, but we didn't think it was as good as Paris....Also, a couple days later we ate at Bellagio's buffet....We thought it was better than Mirage, and as good as or better than Paris. We played mostly Video Poker and Blackjack during our stay. 1st night, I was on a 25 cent progressive VP bank of machines. I hit several 4s of a Kind and built my profit to above $100. Was just about to quit, and decided to play just a couple more hands...hit the Royal Flush (hearts)......$1270. WHAT A WAY TO START THE TRIP!

    We played a lot of both VP and BJ. Pretty well even (wins and Losses) for both. It shouldn't make a difference, but I had my best luck at BJ at the Imperial Palace. I would usually go there in the a.m., and I was a couple hundred ahead there....but I am sure I was a couple hundred behind in some other places.

    For entertainment, we saw Rita Rudner (NYNY) and a show at the Improv at Harrahs. We got our tickets to Rita R by phone several weeks early and we were front row center. Great Show! Thumbs Up!
    Really enjoyed the Improv too.

    Aside from the buffets, we also ate at an Italian Rest at NYNY...named something like Il Fortino. Great Food. Another evening we ate at Mon Ami Gabi at the Paris. I had a terrific fish and "fries" there.

    As far as the Mirage is concerned, it would be hard to beat the service, and the rooms are excellent. The casino is very convenient in its arrangement, and the pool is one of the finest in the city. It was crowded, but we were always able to find a couple of chairs in the early p.m.

    As to the person who asked how we came up with the name Ace$Qn.....What better names for a couple who love each other and love to travel to vegas and play bj, and enjoy making money in the process????

    Best of luck to all of you! Hope you had as good a time as we did. We are in the post-Vegas "depressed" stage :( , but it won't be long before we start thinking of our next summer........................if not before. (October sounds like a nice time!) :wink:


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