• Hi guys I'm new here.. I don't know much about card counting.. I generally just follow the hitorstand strategy and well make an educated guess based on how many picture cards etc are out on the table..

    I have only played blackjack 3 times before, but, I'm looking into possibly playing some more. E.g once or so a week with a $100-$200 limit.

    First story. Just as I turned 18 I went to the casino here in Sydney, Australia. I went in with $250 and had never played most of the games at the casino in real life. I started on the pokies for a laugh and used $10. I won $180 out of that. Moved over to the 'limit' poker tables because I don't think I had enough money to be influence the no limit game enough. I won around another $200 or so there. Later in the night I moved over to the min $25 black jack tables. I worked my way up to $900 and called it quits.

    I went back a week later with $200.. First $100 spent and I got myself up to $500. I got greedy and started placing bets amounting to around $250.. Lost that in a hurry and my $100 followed the same pattern.

    I didn't go back to the casino for around a year, my last visit since then was last night. I walked in with $400 and worked my way up to $1300-$1400 at the $10 BJ table can't remember exactly because I was quite drunk ( with friends for a birthday ). And well the past repeated itself.. I placed a max bet of $500 hoping to speed up my winnings instead of taking it steady like I had been.. I lost, then bet $300 lost etc etc.. This continued on even once I broke even with my original $400 I just continued betting until I left with nothing... =( Very very very stupid.

    I don't know what came over me then heh.. throwing $1400 or so away like it was nothing..

    Anyway that's my experiences so far.. So I'm wondering is it really a good idea to be spending $100-$200 a week on blackjack if I can't even count cards? I seem to do pretty well for myself if I pace myself..

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