Betting and making some money on every trip
  • Betting and making some money on every trip

    #1 Play for one hour betting flat $5 per hand and have a goal to make $10 profit. As soon as you make $10 profit your session is over you start again.
    #2 If you lose from the start, keep track of how much you have lost in that hour. The next session will be now for 50 hands at $10 flat with the goal of making what you have lost previously plus $20 profit on top of that. If you make it then pocket the $20 profit and go back to #1. If you lose during the second session then start the third session for the next 25 hands betting $40 flat with the goal of making what you’ve lost in the first and second session plus $40 profit. …, etc ..

    Each session you look at your total picture. If you are ahead overall you might be better off going back to #1

    You don't have to track the results of each bet. You just have to strictly limit the number of bets you make each session. You ALWAYS take profit out at the end of each session except your original bet. It doesn't matter which color of chips you bet as long as you cut the number of hands per session in two while doubling the unit. Keep betting flat at all times.

    So far I have over 40,000 hands played in Vegas betting with this method and I never left Vegas with less money then I come with. The biggest bet during my 40,000 hands was $80 while playing at the $5 table. I never lost more then 4 session in a row. If I can figure a way to withstand 8 or 10 losing session in a row without getting into huge bets. …, ???

    Any ideas?
  • Seems like a slight variation on the "if down, double your bet every hand until you win" strategy (Martingale strategy). Except in your case, each session acts like a hand and you normalize to how much money was bet. Not bad I guess if you can withstand the huge fluctuations.

    Read up on the Martingale system some. It should give you some insight into your system.

    Eventually, you hit your pain limit, hit the casino table limit, or hit your money limit, and then you're out a whole huge chunk of money -- all trying to recover that $10 bet.

    Regardless, blackjack is a negative expectation game -- and you can't change that regardless of betting variation. It's the monte-carlo fallacy.
  • Nice try Alex...Original to, but it's still a martingale. Make no mistake
    about it, your not the only individual who has tried to program luck,
    self included. I think it is just a natural tendency of the engineering
    mind, but so is logic and we are awake again........

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