Table Charting
  • What is the best way to chart a table before sitting for someone that doesn't count cards (yet)? Should I pick a certain #of dealer losses in a row before I sit to identify the trend or is there a better way?
  • Fred Renzey in his "Blackjack Bluebook II" presents the Ace/10 Front Count which I believe would be the way to start in your situation. It is a simple method to gain an advantage in a 6 deck shoe without having to count through the whole shoe. You only count the Aces and Tens that show up in the first two decks dealt. If the total is 36 or less, the remaining decks are rich with 10's, which gives the player increased advantage. At that point you enter the game and increase bet size throughout the rest of the shoe. There are also a few deviations from basic strategy you must learn to maximize your profits. Get the book!
  • how about you talk about that in more detail
  • The author, Fred Renzey, is also a poster to this forum. You can find more detail and articles from Fred in previous posts and even other sources. You will benefit much more by reading the book than having me state more detail here.

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