I guess there's no compromise here
  • What I'm getting here is that the "experts" tell me I haven't offered them a representative sample, or they take an even easier way out and see that the data I am offering in support of my system is bogus (a.k.a - fraudulent).

    If you would take the time and analyze a decent amount of data points where the casino hands vs. player’s hands has got an advantage no greater then 10% you will be breaking even if you bet 20% of the $$ hole. You, will also see that not only does my method win consistently, but it does so over and over again by making a profit from sequences of bets in which the player actually lost a greater number of bets than he won.

    Extensive computer tests have already been done and shown that my system does not require an infinite bankroll or anything close to it to achieve a steady, consistent profit at least 5 times greater than can be proven feasible for card counting. I would suggest to you, approach the subject fairly and you will agree that my system does very well indeed against difficult conditions in a variety of games. Counting only works in blackjack (although very marginally). Make no mistake about blackjack, craps, baccarat and all the other table games: the form they take, the odds they offer, the wheels, the dice and the cards the single deck with H17 or 2 decks with S17 .. etc ..are just sugar-coating to entice suckers to swallow the pill, a pill called the house advantage that works like Exlax on wallets. You can count cards or kiss the dice (one is only marginally more effective than they other, although kissing the dice is unhygienic) but you will always lose in the end UNLESS you manage to win more money in less number of hands then casino won from you in more hands.

    My system offers a much more choices of profitable opportunities. You say PROVE IT!!! and I say I HAVE PROVED IT! - The next bet being 20% of the hole will offset the balance even in a 10% house edge.
    Get any number of Ls hands and any number of Ws hands and set them up in any combination possible. Create any losing streak you want and make sure the house has a 10% edge. Play my system by betting 20% of the hole you are in, starting at -$100. You will see over and over again that you will break even. However, if you manage to bet exactly 20% you actually make $1.36 per each 100 hands. Anytime the house has less then 10% edge the house will LOSE BIG and you will WIN BIG. You practically cannot lose.

    But, I guess there's no compromise here.

    Thanks for your interest

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