Pit Boses Who Count
  • Okay I am just currious because at a local casino of mine I see this one pit boss who was playing at a black jack table and winning a decent amount of money... Well I just thought if a pit boss counts and plays perfect basic strategy... They are the ones who can get away with counting cards and don't have to worry about getting bared, because afterall they work there don't they?

    My question is can they employees get away with counting cards at their facility and play their... Win money frequently, etc. I meen what's to stop them?
  • Employees of a casino are not allowed to gamble in their own casino. At least that's how it is in Atlantic City.

    And you don't have to worry about being barred. Many of us on this very forum have been playing for years and maybe even winning and have never even come close to being barred. A friend of mine recently won $6000 and all that happened to him was he got a free room.
  • Leon: Oh that's a relief... Was he counting cards by chance? What exactly entails the possability of getting bared? Is it just that you have to win a certian amount of money to get kicked out like those kids from the MIT? Oh well I'm not going to worry about it anymore.

    Around my area pit bosses and dealers are indeed allowed to play within the casino they work in. Alot of the pit bosses are actually really friendly which isn't so surprising I guess.

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