Visiting Atlantic City next month, best Blackjack?
  • Hi Folks :wink:

    I'm going over to visit my girlfriend :D in Bath, Maine next month and visiting her relatives in New Jersey, so going to be checking out some Atlantic City casinos to win some of your yankee $'s :P I'm not a card counter, just use bs with the high stakes 21 progression, do all the casino in Atlantic City uses the same 8 decks and rules, or is there better to be found in the city if I look hard enough :?: any info would be great :!: be lucky and take care

    Cheers :D

  • If I'm not mistaken, all the tables at the Borgata are 6 deck. And they've probably got the best rules overall. I used to go to the Claridge every week because they were the only one to offer surrender but even they've gotten rid of that. Also, the Borgata seems to have the best looking cocktail waitresses, but your girlfriend might not appreciate that.

    So where in Jersey are you going to be visiting?
  • Hi Leon :wink:

    Thanks for the info, going to visit the outskirts of Trenton--Hamilton -Whitehorse to stay with my girl friends aunt she live in Plainfield where my girlfriend originally is from and Heightstown where her cousin lives
    as well as Whitehouse, too to see her old childhood home, too, I'll check out the Borgata and see what the score is :D :!: take care and be lucky


  • Hi Folks

    Forgot to ask :idea: whats the best there for comps :?: take care and be lucky


  • I can't help you with the comps. If you want to see a few different casinos, stay near the center where the expressway lets you off (right between Ceasers and Trump Castle). The Borgata is all the way to one end and the only other ones near it are Trump Marina and Harrahs.

    And I live about 25 miles south of Trenton. An old college friend of mine was from South Plainfield.

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