Bringing Down The House
  • Okay I'm reading the book and so far so good. Parts of it that make me laugh is when they state that 'no whites because they aren't high rollers and are more suspicious and aren't as successful as us asians.' They should really have met Ian Anderson, a man who continues to play and count cards very successfuly with the casinos actually welcoming him back each and every time.

    They make a lot of errors such as spliting tens when the deck is rich, etc. Yet they had the gall to think they could pull a fast one on the casinos. Really bad idea to have all of the same race as a team, draws a lot of attention and would have been a lot less if they did the smart thing and made a multiracial group (whites, blacks, etc). Less suspicious but still the way these guys went about doing what they did they failed to utilize the art of camaflag effectively, never split tens, always make a few 'mistakes' on purpose, etc.

    All in all a good read.
  • Howdy there :wink:

    I've read it as well and I enjoyed it, looks like team work is the way to go, it helps sustain the loss's, once you've finished that book, get Stone Junction by Jim Dodge,
    it a excellant read, its fiction and its not really a gambling book, but its got a couple of gambling characters in it, I highly recommend it :D , take care and be lucky


  • Well my problem with this team was that they were way too obvious about the fact that they were card counters, they should never have split their tens or done other such red alert moves. They didn't know how to escape detection. Burning the Tables In Las Vegas is a really good book and has some good stuff on how to avoid detection and points out that security nowadays is pretty top notch.

    If all white counters are fat men with glasses as they put it than why is Ian a white male, or so I assume sense he states that he's white is still playing and has been playing successfuly far longer than these MIT students who've gotten bared from nearly every casino out their. Jeesh they knew how to count but in the end they were just like the rest of the no stylish counters, they got caught.
  • Yeah, and too bad they only won millions of dollars in the process.

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