Best Tunica Casino for BJ ?
  • Am travelling to Tunica tomorrow for the first time & :roll: would like some opinions about the best Casino to play Multi-deck BJ. Have heard that the Grand has most advantage for player. Is this correct?
  • Crackers, the Grand offers the best rules on 6 deck games since they stand on any 17, no one else does on any game in town. it takes the HA to .44. The Grand and the Horseshoe have the most tables. If you want to play 5 dollar pitch games you will have to go to Ballys or Fitzgeralds. Fitz offers only 2 deck five dollar games, Ballys has a single deck. Ballys also usually has a 3 dollar 6 deck going. It also depends on what kind of game you play and when you will be playing, and what your units are. If you like to bounce from table to table Fitz and Ballys dont run enough tables, stick with the Grand and Horseshoe. The peak hours are very crowded I would recommend 12 noon to five, then midnight and later to have plenty of table changing opportunities. If you like to take a break at low limit craps Ballys usually runs a 25 cent crap table although they bump it to 3 dollars sometimes. I have found the single deck at off hours at Ballys with few players many times, so I'll start off at the Grand, head to Ballys and finish up at Horseshoe or Fitz.
  • Oops, meant HA of .33 on the Grand 6 deck games. For a good list of all the games at Tunica go to and hit Tunica Rules in the data bank section, they will give you all the games that each casino has plus the house advantages, the advice I give above takes into account the number of tables usually running and the crowd factor. Probably see you there.
  • Thanks, Doc, for the rundown on the Grand. Yes, you will find me there from Midnight until.... :roll: , based upon your advice, for the next few days as we will be taking a much-needed vacation. How will I know you? Drop me an email at [email][/email] :D BEFORE Sunday, 5:30 am...

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