• Well, it seems like I've been having a problem of knowing when it is time to stop. I make a whole lot of money and than after awhile I just lose all of it. I am afraid that it's been hard to decide when its time to leave and lately my judgement has been bad.

    In the past I've always been able to quite when I am ahead but this month it's been changing for reasons unknown to me. What do you guys suggest? Should I quite gambling for a few months and let my emotions cool down or should I continue to gamble and try to manage my emotions while I am gambling?

    (I've lost over $400 dollars tonight).
  • Two words... money management. Best advice is to track your bankroll, and leave if it loses X amount. Say you are up 15 units... set a loss limit of 7 units. If you lose the 7 units, you're still ahead 8 units. When you're ahead, one should NEVER risk a losing session, unless the gains are small compared to the buy-in.

    For example if you sat down with 20 units, a win of say 3 or 4 units could be worth the risk of losing that gain. If you get to + 8 units then it might be wise not to do worse than break-even. The further play risking that break-even might allow you to be ahead 12 units. It might mean breaking even, and finding a new table. If you get to + 12 units, then hard and fast rules would apply... risk 1/2 the win. This my own way of doing things.... I think you get the general idea that your game must be within your comfort zone, and your numbers might be different than mine. BUT the concept of money management MUST prevail.
  • When I start losing, I reenact that blackjack scene from the movie "Casino" and I swear like Joe Pesci, throwing cards around and demanding a $30,000 marker. Then I usually just beat the crap out of the dealer, and hit the casino manager in the head with the house phone. Then I take Sharon Stone out to the parking lot for a quick romp in the back seat of my '73 Mazda.
    But If I really want to avoid the unpleasent scene I'll walk right up to the pit boss, hand him $200.00, he'll kick me in the balls and I'll leave feeling the same as if I'd played a losing session.

    :arrow: Nickles _n_ Bullets is completely right though, only YOU have control over your money, and YOU are the only one that knows what your comfort level is when losing, and LOSING is a hard fact of life when playing.

    :arrow: Set loss limits and quit points and leave your emotions at the door.

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