Word of Warning about The El Cortez.
  • Great games but watch the dealers carefully. In five days last week,I caught dealers shorting my buy-ins six different times. Always for $10 or $15 dollars.Caught them short changing my color up once,as well.
    I'm not saying its house policy,but they get a lot of break-in dealers who make a lot of mistakes.I got paid on a couple of pushes and pushed on a couple of losses,but I didn't once get extra chips on my buy-ins,just shorts.
  • NYB is absolutely correct. I play at the El Co often, but you really need to be on your guard. I have no reason to suspect it's house policy, but I see more dealer mistakes there than any other place, including the Golden Gate! I can catch the short payoffs pretty easily, but what I really hate is when you stand and the dealer gives you another card anyway! After the second time getting the boss to straighten things out, it's best to move on. (I'll be back there next week and watching like a hawk!) T-4 Oh, Happy Groundhog Day everyone!

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