CNE casino
  • The Canadian National Exhibition here in Toronto has a charity casino every year. They're open only Aug. 20 - Sep. 6, then shut down until next year. IIRC, they use 6 or 8 decks, hit on soft 17, and ties go to the dealer(!). Two questions:

    1) Any advice on BS variations for these rules? I tried the BS generator previously referenced, but it doesn't have an option for ties going to the dealer; if it helps, I've been mastering BS for 6 decks/S17/DAS, and Hi-Lo.

    2) Any advice on how aggressive I can be (e.g. long sessions, return visits every day, splitting tens, etc.)? They're only open for 18 days, so are set up temporarily in a building that probably isn't properly equipped with surveillance, etc. I don't know where they get their staff from. Since they're open such a short while, I can't see them barring suspected counters. And even if they did, I'm wondering if trying to make a killing wouldn't be worth getting barred--it's not exactly the kind of casino I need long-term playability at, since they're only open once a year.

    If anyone else is planning to hit this casino, I wouldn't mind trying to partner up. Also, if anyone remembers their house rules differently or better, please refresh my memory.

  • I don't kno if I'd feel bad winning at a charity casino....guess not........hummmmmm as proceeds go to charity, do you get tax receipts ? Thus claimining the expenses as charity donations ? (and not being taxed on winnings)
  • Whew those rules.... the house has an 8% edge. Usually, the player is paid 2 to 1 for Blackjack. If they have slot machines, you might do better there.

    Can I make a suggestion?... If you'd like to donate to this charity, please write them a check for 10% of what you want to bring to the casino, and then play in a regular one. If you win more than the 10% back, write a 2nd check for 1/2 your winnings. Everyone will be for the better.

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